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Keyword research is the backbone of any successful SEO strategy. But with numerous tools available, which one offers the best value for money? Enter Chat GPT. Let’s explore an easy and affordable way to conduct keyword research using Chat GPT, especially for those building small websites.

The Chat GPT Advantage

Chat GPT Plus, priced at around $20 a month, offers a more budget-friendly alternative to many keyword research tools available today. While it might not provide the intricate details of high-end tools, it still lays a solid foundation for those seeking low competition keywords for their budding websites.

Setting Up for Success

To harness the power of Chat GPT for keyword research, one must opt for the Plus version. Once subscribed, head over to the plugin store. Two essential plugins to add are ‘Bramework’ and ‘Serp Stat SEO tool’. While both offer unique metrics, they are crucial for a comprehensive keyword analysis.

Diving into Bramework

Bramework is a versatile tool that can analyze a page and provide valuable keyword insights. For instance, when searching for “best workout supplements”, Bramework presents intriguing stats like difficulty score, search volume, and the number of results in the search. These metrics help gauge the competitiveness of a keyword.

Deciphering the Metrics

The difficulty score, although not explicitly defined, gives an idea of how challenging it would be to rank for a particular keyword. A score of 67, for instance, indicates a competitive keyword. The search volume, on the other hand, provides a range, accounting for variations throughout the year due to seasonality or trends.

Exploring Less Competitive Keywords

For those with new or smaller websites, targeting moderately competitive keywords might be a tall order. The solution? Ask Chat GPT for less competitive keyword variations. The tool then suggests longer-tail keywords, which are typically less competitive. For example, “best workout supplements for men” or “best post-workout supplement”.

The SERP Landscape

While the difficulty score is a valuable metric, it’s essential to consider the number of SERP results. A high number indicates a competitive landscape, something not always highlighted in high-end keyword research tools.

Chat GPT offers a fresh perspective on keyword research, especially for those on a budget. By leveraging its capabilities and understanding the metrics, one can find valuable, less competitive keywords to target. Ready to revolutionize your keyword research strategy? Dive into Chat GPT today!

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