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In today’s fast-paced digital world, content creation is more important than ever. With the rise of AI and machine learning technologies, we’ve also seen the emergence of AI writing tools designed to streamline the content creation process.

With the rise of artificial intelligence writing, it’s now easier than ever to craft compelling content – and it’s all thanks to AI writers and writing apps. These powerful tools are designed to help users explore app options, optimize their content quality, and generate ideas with ease. In this article, we will unlock the potential of AI writers and writing apps, giving your business the edge it needs to succeed in 2023.

Finding the Best AI Writer for Your Needs: A Comparison of Top AI Writing Tools

Page Optimizer Pro AI (POP AI)


Page Optimizer Pro has risen in popularity over the years as an effective on-page optimization tool, with a unique scoring system to help you sync any page with the competing top rankers.

POP AI integrates this scoring system into its new AI writing engine to craft fully optimized long-form content in a matter of minutes.

Most new pieces of AI content will get an immediate score of 70, which is oftentimes good enough to publish and start ranking. If not, you will only need to make slight adjustments in order to get the content up to par.


Page Optimizer Pro comes with 3 pricing tiers ranging from $27/mo to $490/yr. Each tier comes with access to POP AI Writer.

AI Writer pricing


One of the best AI writers on the market is Jasper.ai, an AI-powered writing assistant that offers a wide range of tools and app integrations.

With a focus on SEO optimization and versatile functionality, Jarvis.ai is a powerful writing tool that can generate high-quality content for numerous purposes. From blog posts to advertising copy, Jarvis.ai can help you create more engaging and shareable content.

The platform offers a free trial and multiple pricing plans, including an unlimited plan subscription for those who require a more extensive solution.


Jasper AI starts at $49/mo or $125/mo for teams.
Jasper AI pricing



Another top AI writer is Copy.ai, a software that uses advanced AI technology to create unique, engaging copy for businesses. This AI writing tool offers several features such as a compelling headline generator, blog post ideas, and ad copy.

To get started with Copy.ai, you can sign up for a free trial and test out the platform’s capabilities. If you decide to buy an on-going subscription, the platform offers monthly plans to suit your needs.


Copy AI pricing


For those looking for a budget-friendly option, Writesonic is a great AI writing tool that’s both affordable and versatile.

Offering a wide range of writing tools, including a blog post line generator, this AI writer is perfect for businesses that don’t need the full capabilities of more expensive platforms.


With Writesonic, you can enjoy a free trial period before purchasing a subscription.


Article Forge

Article Forge is able to automatically produce full articles of 1,500 words or more by utilizing more powerful forms of artificial intelligence and deep learning. With just one click, Article Forge provides completely original, search engine optimization (SEO) optimized, high-quality text on any subject, ranging from product descriptions to whole blog articles.


It’s also one of the more affordable AI writing platforms, starting at just $13/mo if paid annually. There’s also a 5 day free trial available.

Article Forge



Because it helps you enhance your writing ability while you’re on the move, Grammarly is one of the greatest artificial intelligence writing software programs available for people of all walks of life — students, businesspeople, even grandparents.

When you are creating a piece of material, it flags any instances in which you have made grammatical errors. Grammarly is able to verify your work in many languages, including British, American, and Australian English, among others.

Grammarly also enables you to examine the originality of your writing for any instances of plagiarism. While you are writing, it will also provide you advice on how to enhance the overall quality of the information you produce.

Additionally, it comes with a Chrome plugin that enables you to check the accuracy of any online text that you have written. Because of all of these checks, it is really simple to generate material without needing to be concerned about using improper grammar or constructing incorrect phrases. You can also make a claim for a trial version of the Grammarly business plan.



Grammarly provides users with a choice between three different payment tiers. It is possible to check grammar, punctuation, and spelling with the free version of Grammarly, which does not cost anything.

In addition to this, it analyzes the general clarity, tone, and quality of the content.

The premium plan has a monthly fee of $12 and provides you with all of the services that are included in the free plan without any restrictions. The price of the Business plan is $12.50 per user per month, and it includes all of the features of the Premium plan. You may save an additional 60% when you pay for your plan annually.




The worst thing that happens to most authors is they become stuck with writer’s block, and overcoming writer’s block may be challenging; but, with Rytr, you can generate material in only a few seconds.

With the help of this writing helper, you’ll be able to generate original material for your blog entries and publish them on your website as rapidly as you possibly can.

You will save a significant amount of time and be able to produce content that will turn your leads into customers. Before actually creating the article, you also have the option of choosing its tone. After inputting the term you want your content to focus on and choosing the sort of material, all you need to do is kick back, relax, and let Rytr do its thing.



On Rytr, you may sign up for a free plan that gives you the ability to create 5,000 words per month. In addition, you may choose between two different price points.

The Saver plan just $9 per month, which comes out to $90 per year, and it can create up to 50,000 words for you each month. The endless plan has a monthly fee of $29 and allows you to produce an endless amount of material for yourself.




ZimmWriter is among the most affordable AI writing tools and provides a one-click blog creation option that can include content that’s several thousand words long.

Because it can be used from almost any program, ZimmWriter is incredibly powerful. By selecting one of the magic commands from Notepad, Word, Google Docs, etc., you can ask ZimmWriter to carry out a task. As opposed to ChatGPT, you are not confined to a single interface.


There are currently 3 pricing tiers to ZimmWriter. The base plan is only $5.97/mo and provides the popular 1-click blog generation. Perhaps what’s most intriguing is the $197 lifetime deal, allowing users to get all the bells and whistles of ZimmWriter without worrying about making continual monthly payments for years to come.

ZimmWriter pricing


Though not strictly a standalone AI writing tool, Frase.io is a more focused platform that can help improve your content’s SEO performance through its app integrations and writing suggestions.

The program excels at aiding users in studying and deconstructing articles that are presently ranking for a certain keyword and has an easy structure. Through an in-suite editor and an extension, it also facilitates the creation of SEO-optimized content.


With Frase.io, your content is always crafted with search engine optimization in mind, ensuring that it performs well in search rankings. Monthly plans start at $15/mo.

Frase pricing


The fact that GrowthBar offers useful AI copywriting features along with fundamental SEO tools at an affordable price is the product’s primary selling point. If you are willing to spend some time fact-checking and editing the content that is generated by the AI features of GrowthBar, then you will find that it is a very useful tool for the creation of content.


Considering GrowthBar offers more SEO specific features than a lot of AI writing tools, their pricing plans are quite reasonable. $29/mo alone gives you access to unlimited keyword research.
growthbar pricing


Surfer has been a long-time favorite in the SEO and content optimization world. In May 2023, they announced a new AI writing tool which would allow users to write full length articles that are SEO optimized in a matter of minutes.

You can also audit existing web pages and quickly see how your pages stack up against the competitors.


Surfer’s AI writer is accessible with any paid plan at a fee of $29 per article. Not too bad of a price point when you consider that most articles cost multiple times that much, especially when using a higher end writer.

Surfer pricing

Hoppy Copy

For those who struggle with writing compelling email copy, look no further than Hoppy Copy.


Their AI assistant will guide you through the email drafting process, providing you with original copy that is based on your competitors’ campaigns. Yep, that’s right! You can emulate your competition while keeping your emails original in nature and true to your brand.


Pricing tiers are based on the amount of email you send, specifically the total word count needed.

You can also get it based on the amount of competitors you’d like to monitor.

Hoppy Copy pricing

Neural Text

Neural Text is a service that generates text automatically by using the principles of machine learning.

It has found applications in a variety of fields, including the medical field, educational institutions, and the marketing industry, among others. Journalists have also made use of the platform to generate articles with the assistance of artificial intelligence. If you are seeking for a free AI essay writer, this is something that may be worth checking into for you.


Pricing tiers range from $19/mo up to $119/mo.

Neural Text pricing


Sudowrite is a writing tool that uses artificial intelligence to help you develop material, rework current content into something new, expound on something when you need additional words, and brainstorm ideas.

It is one of the most user-friendly AI content generating software.


Prices are very friendly with the $25 per month tier getting you a whopping 90k words!

Sudowrite pricing


Scalenut is a content production tool that automates the writing process.

Scalenut’s SEO Assistant allows you to create search engine friendly content. It’s similar to Jasper with the SEO Surfer connection, but without the need to purchase two different products.

Its AI writing system combines SEO and NLP approaches to assist you in creating interesting content and improving your page rankings.

You input your term, and it returns a document editor focused on that keyword. I like how it includes a panel on the left that shows your competitors.


Scalenut’s Essential plan is just $23/mo and provides basic content functionality, as you increase your plan level you start to reap the benefits of more advanced SEO features like keyword cluster building, audit/optimizing pages, and 1-click WordPress publishing options.

Scalenut pricing


Copysmith is an AI specific to eCommerce stores, assisting users in creating material for their eComm blog or website. It also makes it simple to share and promote previously developed material.

One of the most popular tools is the article builder, which enables users to create articles from scratch.

The platform offers a broad variety of material to its customers, including blog articles, landing sites, sales pages, and webinars.

The program employs artificial intelligence algorithms to generate unique content in the user’s writing style. It ensures that your promotions are beneficial to both your clients and your company. Copysmith makes it simple to write high-quality content in any language.


For about $19/mo you can get unlimited AI copy generation for your store.

Copysmith pricing


QuillBot is one of the best tools on the market for grammar checking and summarizing content. If you feel like your text is too long-winded and needs to be tidied up, this is the tool for you.

You can configure QuillBot to rewrite a piece of text in standard form, keeping word count the same, or click on “expand” to rewrite the content in longer form.

The Co-Writer feature is also handy when you need help expanding a blog or essay topic into a structured outline.


You can get QuillBot for as little as $6.25 per month, which is honestly a steal.

QuillBot pricing

How AI Writers Can Improve Your Content Quality and Workflow in 2023

The future of content creation lies in the hands of AI writers. With impressive advancements in technology and AI writing tools at our disposal, it’s essential to explore how AI writers can improve your content quality and workflow.

By leveraging these advanced writing tools, you can create great content that engages your readers and generate more leads, propelling your business to new heights.

A significant aspect of AI writing lies in its ability to greatly boost content quality. Using advanced algorithms, these AI writers can deliver high-quality, well-structured articles that resonate with your target audience.

By focusing on keyword optimization, AI writers can help produce work that ranks well on search engines, enabling your content to gain visibility and generate leads effortlessly. Moreover, AI writing tools ensure that your content remains coherent, error-free, and engaging, enabling you to capture your audience’s attention throughout their reading journey.

Besides elevating your content quality, implementing AI writers into your workflow will also greatly improve efficiency. Traditional content creation processes can be laborious and time-consuming, but with AI writing tools, writers can produce a greater volume of work within a shorter timeframe.

These tools can assist in outlining content, generating ideas, and even drafting full articles, streamlining the writing process and accelerating your output. By automating a portion of your workflow using AI writers, you can create more content without sacrificing quality, driving efficiency and increasing productivity within your content creation team — whether you run a digital marketing agency or are a busy freelancer. The benefits of harnessing AI are endless.

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