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Partnering with the top affiliate programs and products to build both wealth and success for our people , this is our mission .

Meet The Team

Darren Tatch Founder

Darren Tatch lives in Huntington park ,California ,USA, has been an avid writer on deals , discounts and coupons for a long time now since his early teens when he saw his family struggle during the global financial crisis of 2007. When hes not writing hes running or drinking wine most likely.

Ana de Castro Outreach

ana de castroI have worked in a variety of fields including public relations, SAP consulting, health & wellness, and most recently, as an agent for celebrity chefs. One common attribute in each of these past roles is my ability to create strong relationships with partners, no matter what the industry, role or field

Brett Gordon Writer

brett-gordonBrett Gordon is the owner of DMAD and has been writing for the web for over 10 years. He is passionate about design, WordPress, travel, language learning, fine dining, and online marketing.

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Our Goals And Mission

MyDealsClub was founded during the global financial crisis when money was tight and people were losing their jobs , savings and livelihoods . Our founder, Darren Tatch saw the need for his family to be able to survive during this time and so the idea was born for a coupon website for family members to share and use coupons and deals top save money .

Today that vision has shifted toward offering the general public more options to save money on a much larger range of products and services . So as we grow this website our mission is to offer the very best , most updated deals , offers ,promotions and coupons for anything we are listing. Copyright Mydealsclub LLC 

Timeline Of Milestones

  • 2009 : Darren Tatch creates MyDealsClub
  • 2010 : Milestone of 500k coupons listed 
  • 2011 : Milestone of earnings as company grows 
  • 2012 : New Directors amid company restructure 
  • 2013 : A director leaves ,  sales continue to grow
  • 2014 : Difficult year of progress
  • 2015 : New platform for the website 
  • 2016 : New revenue milestone achieved 
  • 2017 : Black Friday sales make for a brilliant year of growth  
  • 2018 : Tough times means employee losses 
  • 2019 : A new partner means expanded sales and growth 
  • 2020 : Covid makes its way into our world , online sales growth across the world is felt.
  • 2021 : New trademark for MyDealsClub is filed
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